Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo/Wachovia Conversion Experience

The Wells Fargo acquisition of Wachovia was the largest bank merger in U.S. history on track. As a result, customer accounts and lines of business would need to be integrated. The goal was to provide outstanding customer service throughout the integration and ensure a positively enhanced experience for all customers.

A customer journey map was created to identify critical touch points and areas of opportunity, and a customer experience conversion strategy was put into place. In addition, Online Banking, Bill Pay, and Brokerage applications were freshly designed with the goal of creating a feeling of security, comfort, and excitement for newly converted customers.

Upon completion, more than 38 million accounts were converted, including mortgage, deposit, trust, brokerage and credit card, among others. Active online customers increased from 10.8 million to 19.7 million.

Conversion experience planning lead, product strategy, research, service design, user experience, user interface and visual design