Glance by Zappos

Glance by Zappos

Shopping for clothing, shoes, and accessories online can be overwhelming and frustrating. Shoppers want an easier way to browse and discover new items that are right for them.

Glance was created to solve this need through inspiration and relevancy. The goal was to make it fun an easy for shoppers to discover products that were right for them through handpicked collections, updated daily. The approach to Glance was to keep the interface simple, focusing primarily on product selection and connecting users to other like-minded customers to enhance discovery. The experience was optimized to be accessible to customers where and when they wanted it.

Glance has been successful in both enhancing marketing efforts as well as increasing customer average order value.


Product idea and strategy, research, user experience, and user interface design

Glance Is Zappos's Gamble On Curated E-Commerce, Fast Company